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“End of Life” awarded a BMA Book Prize!
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Life is a journey, and so is end of life and we can prepare for it in the same way as we would prepare for any journey, making sure that all loose ends are tied up.’

Once a taboo subject, end of life is becoming a ‘red-hot’ topic as more people realize that the care and arrangements for their own end of life are in their own hands. In addition, new government initiatives in respect of carers and caring and of dementia care are bringing the subject to the fore.

The "End Of Life" Book Cover

The “End Of Life” Book Cover

This essential guide for carers, be they professional or friends and relations, provides information across a range of concerns surrounding end of life.The book tackles this difficult subject in a practical and caring way, showing how appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure the dying person’s wishes about dying and post-death (funerals or celebrations of life and mourning ceremonies) are carried out. From the practical point of view, the book covers making a Will, making an Advance Directive, donating body tissue and organs and giving directions for ones own funeral or life celebration and/or memorial service. From an emotional view point the book discusses grief including anticipatory grief, ways of coping with grief, and the importance of grieving.

While invaluable for general readers facing these difficult issues, the book will be of specific interest to carers in residential/nursing homes and in hospitals together with counsellors, palliative care workers and teachers and students on courses in Health and Social Care and Nursing.

1. Introduction
2. Practical issues
3. Making peace
4. End of life with severe cognitive impairment
5. For carers
6. End of life in hospital or care home
7. Support
8. Grief
9. Funerals and mourning
10. Memorials

End of Life – The Essential Guide For Caring

By Mary Jordan and Judy Carole Kauffmann
ISBN: 978-1-905140-27-5

Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement – Beyond Tomorrow

Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement - Beyond Tomorrow This book acts as a helpful and supportive road map through the initial period of loss, and through the weeks and months that follow. Practical matters are addressed as well as emotional needs and difficulties within families. This is essential reading for anyone coping with bereavement.Buy On Amazon